Building HR Systems


Building HR Systems

HR system mainly focus on the employee information database

A healthy HR department that contributes to the growth of the organization is vastly different from a distant HR department that exists somewhere near the basement archives and only appears once a year for the holiday party.

Clients appreciate our ability to guide them through the challenges of reinventing their HR function, where they require our advice on innovative, dynamic, and efficient solutions. We believe that our approach is based on an understanding of our clients’ specific needs as well as our experience with the local context. Our ability to work globally and through our skilled workforce of local experts allows us to meet people where they are. We will remain committed to investing in technology and people to provide the best possible customer experience.

HR Service


  • Aptitude
  • Ability
  • Behavior
  • Interest
  • Skill
  • Knowledge


  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Aptitude Assessment
  • English language Assessment
  • Technical assessment : IT and vocational trades
  • Sales & marketing
  • BFSI


  • Web based
  • Pen and Paper
  • Face to Face
  • Multilingual

Value Adds

  • Ability to handle volumes
  • Pan India delivery capability
  • Option of Customization
  • Commitment to Delivery as Agreed TAT
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 HR Products
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