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Lead HR is one of South India’s first-ever organized People Supply Chain and HR Outsourcing Company. With 8 physical locations in India and an international talent network, we serve clients across the globe, in a broad spectrum of industries and verticals. Our partnership brings access to a substantial pre-screened talent pool, industry experts, and leadership teams with continuity and long-term focus.

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Our Vision is to establish a pan Indian presence to broaden the access to comprehensive HR systems and policies on an international scale, and build an organically updated resource pool for smooth integration with client organizations.



Our mission is to simplify the internal and external interaction of HR practices through committed personnel deployment, industry-best custom HR systems, and focus on strengthening stakeholder relationships.

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HR Services

Lead HR is one of the forerunners in establishing HR consultancy services in South India, that cater to an international clientele. With over 25 years of experience in the market, we are a vital cog in the well-oiled machinery of various successful organizations ranging from start-ups to multinational conglomerates.

We have built a reputation of being the best through disruptive, but non-intrusive approaches to strengthening and creating HR systems. With a firm hold on the conventional and proven methods, we bring technology and innovation in simplifying and accelerating growth and success. Our strengths are domain expertise and stringent regulatory compliance that has become the foundation of our deliverables.

Years of Market Leadership
Client Relationships
Careers Made


Our HR compliance policies and practices ensure your organization and employees are protected against legal ramifications.


Empathy drives the solutions we create for our clients, as we address the root of the problem instead of working on the symptoms.

World wide

An international network of experts and database of potential candidates that enables us to operate on a global scale.


Our commitment is fuelled by a passion that ensures we provide our clients with the best HR infrastructure and resources.

Candidates First

A candidate-first approach creates a highly skilled and up-to-date talent pool that is open to our clients for quick and smooth integration.


We establish a high-functioning teamwork culture with a relationship built on strong communication and interpersonal relationships.

Our Team

Meet the Inner Circle

Here’s the team that puts the Lead in Lead HR. A cohesive group of
individuals with a common vision to make HR a way of life.

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Dr. M.H. Raja

MD of Lead Hr

Dr. M.H. Raja is a seasoned business leader with experience in consulting, manufacturing, services, and infrastructure industries. He is a postgraduate in commerce and masters in business administration with three decades of experience in talent acquisition, talent management, sales and marketing, and operations. He has successfully turned around two sick units. Worked in manufacturing, service, and trading industries. He is the founder and managing director of Lead HR Services Pvt. Ltd. “Lead HR” is one of the leading HR consulting companies specialising in recruitment, contract staffing, payroll processing, and HR consulting.Active member in NIPM, NHRD, ISTD, Madras Management Association, and Lions Clubs International and handled various positions successfully. He was recently conferred an honorary doctorate in management by the American National Business University.

Currently holding the position of Honorary General Secretary of NIPM India.

Infrastructure & Technology

Robust and Scalable Technology Platform

Lead HR brings contemporary technology offerings that are backed by stringent security protocols
and disaster recovery mechanisms to navigate the HR labyrinth.

Application Based Tracking System
Cloud Based Payroll Solution
Takes Care From Entry To Exit Process
Employee Self Portal
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We made it happen for them.

Our Clients trust us to bring value to their organisation through mindful recruitment and strong HR systems that are effective.